The Tale of Lady Masako

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Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Samurai Clan Armor
Major Legend Increase
Location Adachi Estate
Quest Giver Masako

The Tale of Lady Masako is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


A Masako Tale (1 of 9).

Lady Masako and the women of clan Adachi are warriors of great renown. If they survived the invasion, they could help me free Lord Shimura.

I need to find Lady Masako and deliver the news of her husband's death.


The Tale of Lady Masako Information

  • Location: Adachi Estate
  • Quest Giver: Masako
  • Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura
  • Main Tasks completed: Recruit Lady Masako


The Tale of Lady Masako NPCs


The Tale of Lady Masako Rewards


The Tale of Lady Masako Objectives

  • Travel to the Adachi Estate
  • Search the guest house
  • Search the main house
  • Defeat the assassins
  • Search the assassins
  • Search the stables
  • Follow the footprints
  • Investigate the fallen horse
  • Follow Masako
  • Honor the dead
  • Follow Masako
  • Look for Sogen
  • Speak with the sweeping monk
  • Speak with the armorer
  • Speak with Lady Masako
  • Follow Masako
  • Look for Sogen
  • Trail Sogen
  • Go to the left side of the inn’s entrance
  • Defeat the bandits
  • Confront Sogen
  • Search the inn
  • Speak with Lady Masako


The Tale of Lady Masako Walkthrough

Travel to the Adachi Estate

  • To start, open your Journal in the menu and track the tale to mark the location of the first objective.
  • Follow the waypoint which will lead you to the Adachi Estate the looks abandoned.
  • When you arrive, investigate the guest house and the main house.
  • Upon reaching the main house, you'll be ambushed by three bandits.
  • After killing the bandits, search one the bodies to find clues.
  • Head to the stables of the estate and examine the areas for points of interest.
  • Upon finding the footprints, follow its trail where it will lead you to a fallen horse that has been shot down. Examine it and a cutscene will trigger.

Follow Masako

  • After the cutscene, travel and follow Masako to the graveyard to honor the dead.
  • Once you've paid your respects, there's a nearby altar where you can pick up a Singing Cricket.
  • After that's done, continue traveling with Masako to the Golden Temple and find a monk named Sogen.

Look for Sogen

  • When you reach the temple, you'll be greeted by Junshin at the front. Speak to him.
  • Next, speak to the nearby armorer and then the sweeping monk. Both of these NPCs have markers.
  • After speaking to Sogen, head to the armorer to obtain the Samurai Clan Armor.
  • Before you head back to Masako, make sure to speak to the townspeople to obtain rumors that may give you locations for other quests and to collect a couple of resources.
  • When you're done, head back to Lady Masako who's waiting outside the temple.

Follow Masako

  • From here, follow Masako to the forest until you reach a survey point that's overlooking the Golden Temple.
  • Scout the area and you'll see Sogen talking to an old couple. You'll now need to stalk and follow Sogen.

Trail Sogen

  • For this objective, keep an eye out for Sogen and make sure you're out of his sights and hiding.
  • He will keep checking his back to see if someone is following him.
  • Eventually, if you were able to sneak behind him, you'll come across an old inn that is being used as a hideout for the bandits.
  • When you're near the inn, head to the left side of the inn's entrance to eavesdrop.
  • You'll learn that Sogen is working with the bandits and is involved behind the massacre that happened at Adachi Estate.
  • Fueled by anger, Masako confronts the bandits.

Defeat the bandits

  • The objective is pretty much straightforward here, kill all the bandits along with Masako.
  • The fight will begin with a standoff before you fight the rest of the enemies.
  • Once all of the bandits are killed, head to the inn and go up the second floor to confront Sogen.

Search the inn

  • During the cutscene, Masako who's now blinded by her revenge ends up killing Sogen.
  • Follow the marker and search the inn for clues. You'll find a scroll that has a list of Conspirators.
  • Before speaking to Masako, search for the rest of the area for any resources.
  • To complete the quest, speak to Masako to discuss what you've discovered in the scroll.


The Tale of Lady Masako Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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